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Conduit and Tray, Schedules and Designs

Conduit and Tray, Schedules and Designs

Conduit and Tray, Schedules and Designs

Conduit Design Services

Although the function of cable trays system and conduit is similar each has its own advantages. Cable tray advantages include wiring system design flexibility, simplicity, and lower installation cost. In plants where equipment is added, taken away, or is moved, cable trays provide a flexible advantage. Cable trays can typically adapt to complex configurations with a simple set of tools. The cost of material procurement for cable tray systems is not always lower than that of conduit systems. However, compared to labor cost of conduit installation, cable trays may present significant savings.

How Quad Plus' Conduit and Tray Schedules and Design Services Can Help You

One benefit of conduit systems is the ability to ground and bond. Grounding and bonding play a significant role in minimizing electromagnetic interference (EMI). Steel conduit reduces electromagnetic fields by up to 95%, effectively shielding computers and sensitive electronic equipment from the electromagnetic interference (EMI) caused by power distribution systems. Where space to run raceways is tight, equipment is unlikely to move, or there the quantity is low conduit has advantage.

In either case, we can produce schedules and designs that take advantage of the benefits and allow the facility to operate more efficiently.