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Breaker Services

Breaker Services

Breaker Services

Industrial Circuit Breaker Services

The breaker repair business consists of the repair of damaged circuit breakers, the upgrade of circuit breaker trip units to current technology from older systems and the refurbishing of circuit breakers to return older breakers to a “like new” condition. When a circuit breaker is received in the breaker lab, it receives a visual inspection and electrical testing to determine its “as received” condition and identify anticipated repairs to be completed. A breaker just in for repair will have the defective parts removed and new parts installed before it goes through the test and inspect procedure prior to shipping. A refurbished breaker will be almost completely disassembled, all parts inspected, replaced if necessary, cleaned, plated if required and then reassembled before going through a final test and inspect prior to shipment. An upgrade of the breaker will have typically either be repaired or refurbished, plus have the trip unit upgraded to current technology.

How Quad Plus can Help You

With our Industrial Circuit Breaker Refurbishing, We can help you extend the functional life of your circuit breakers with our refurbishment/rebuild services; restoring your hard-working, vintage and existing breakers to “like-new” condition, and our Industrial Circuit Breaker Repairs Your distribution gear is critical to the effective operation of your business. When circuit breakers go down, they need to be restored right now!. And you need to know that the repair is fast and it is done right – the first time! We get that.

Our process for servicing circuit breakers has set the industry standard with steps including:

  • Circuit Breaker Inspection: check for missing breaker parts, worn mechanisms, etc.
  • Circuit Breaker Testing: conduct electrical and functional tests
  • Worn Breaker Part Fix: check operating mechanism for worn parts
  • Identify needed repairs and issue quote
  • Breaker Repair / replace breaker parts
  • Circuit breaker cleaning and full breaker lubrication
  • Re-plating & painting
  • Return breakers with one-year guarantee on parts replaced (Ask about available transportation to and from our Breaker Lab.)

Also with our Industrial Circuit Breaker Retrofitting, We can work with you to help reduce the losses that happen during downtime and upgrades. Our synchronous field retrofit solution is a fraction of the price of a new induction motor and VFD control system. Typically costing $100k or less, our retrofit options save you a ton compared to the cost of a new induction motor and control system ($500k up to several millions of dollars.) Our synchronous field circuit breaker retrofit solution also requires no additional space with our retrofit controls fitting in the exact same space you have today. A new system typically needs up to four times the space just for the upgraded controls.

Some features from this service:

  • Reduced costs and less downtime for equipment upgrades compared to new switchgear installation
  • Available for most brands of 5kV – 27kV ANSI switchgear
  • Maintains electrical system integrity during upgrade
  • Eliminates the need for obsolete or unavailable spare parts
  • Features a one-year equipment warranty
  • ANSI & IEEE designs with complete documentation
  • Upgraded MVA ratings and nuclear certification available upon request