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Electric Winch / Anchor Handling

Winch Control Systems

Winch Control Systems

Quad Plus is a leader in providing variable speed drives and controls for winch applications. As a systems integrator we work with clients to define the requirements for the specific application to optimize the solution provided.

As a systems integrator we can deploy solutions using VFD’s for winches in applications such as:

  • Anchoring and mooring winches
  • Tugboat towing winches
  • RoRo ramp winches
  • Active heave compensated (AHC) winches
  • Spooling winches
  • Launch and Recovery winches

Quad Plus can provide a variety of options when it comes to solutions for offshore winch applications. Using the latest innovation of technology the motion reference unit (MRU) can be a direct input eliminating the need for expensive third party active heave compensation systems.