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Kinetics Exciters and DC Power

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Kinetics Exciters and DC Power

Quad Plus is your industry partner for Kinetics Exciters and DC Power Supplies.

Kinetics Industries, established in 1939, is an integrated manufacturer of highly reliable and durable SCR regulated and diode line-regulated power rectifiers, industrial DC power supplies, fuseless bolted fault rated magnet rectifiers, flux forcing magnet rectifiers, crane rectifiers, Kinetics Photo DC substations, synchronous motor field & generator excitation systems and power conversion solutions.

Kinetics designs and manufactures industrial, commercial, utility and military application power conversions products to the highest domestic and international standards.

Brush and Brushless Synchronous Motor Exciters

Kinetics Industries is the only manufacturer in the United States to design and manufacture the critical segments required for a Brush or Brushless type motor excitation system as a single source manufacturer. The primary segments of a Kinetics designed & manufactured excitation system are:

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  • Primary disconnect – fusing panels or circuit breaker.
  • EPT – exciter power transformer.
  • DC field exciter – regulated or non-regulated output.
  • Field application panel – solid state switching or DC contactors.
  • KinetSync-SR digital annunciation and logic controller
  • Discharge resistor grid.

Synchronous Generators

Kinetics Control Systems SVRI Exciter/Regulator rectifier is designed for an AC generator operating independently with other generators tied, or non-tied, into a utility power grid.

The SVRI rectifier is a packaged system providing excitation of an AC generator field from a "black start" Kinetics Photo condition utilizing residual magnetism and regulating DC to the generator field for stable generator operation. The SVRI DC voltage regulation and field forcing capacity permit the SVRI excitation system to compensate for "voltage droop" resulting from step or impulse loading variations. Kinetics’ solid state logic circuitry provides a timed interval unit phase back circuit preventing the generator field and exciter from operating in the "forced" mode for an excessive period of time.

Rectification and Power Distribution

The Kinetics model types CVR & MVR are static, open loop, AC line regulated, AC to DC voltage conversion rectifiers in the 1 to 2000 Kw capacity range.

The Kinetics model type SVR is a stabilized or adjustable output, direct current, solid state, closed loop, fully controlled phase shifted, semi-conductor, heavy industrial rectifier system. The SVR has been specifically designed for those applications requiring a closely regulated DC output over a limited operating range.

Kinetics Rectifiers are used in the following applications:

  • Constant Potential Non-Regulated Rectifiers
  • Regulated, SCR, Rectifiers 1-2000 Kw
  • Crane Rectifier
  • Magnet Rectifiers
  • Kinetics Photo
  • Mill Duty DC Substations
  • Regenerative Absorption Circuit
  • Test Power Rectifiers
  • Traction Rectifiers
  • Traction Test Rectifiers
  • Low Voltage / Filtered Rectifiers & Power Supplies
  • Avionics Hanger Support Rectifiers
  • Eddy Current Clutch Rectifier
  • Magnetic Brake & Clutch Power Supplies
  • Circuit Breaker Coil Operation Power Supplies
  • AC to DC Power Conversion for Elevators, Fire Pumps & Misc. Loads